The Best Ways a Teacher Can Demonstrate Leadership in the Classroom

In C. M. Rubin’s June 26 blog The Best Ways a Teacher Can Demonstrate Leadership in the Classroom ( she cites perspectives on teacher leadership offered by recognized teacher bloggers. Several of these teachers provide examples of leadership involving classroom actions and relationships with students: building trust, serving as role models, and helping students take ownership of their learning and acquire skills needed to learn independently.  Other contributors maintain that teacher leadership emanates from internal dispositions such as the willingness to take risks or an inquiry stance. Some of these teacher leaders suggest that teacher leadership requires actions outside of the classroom including the use of social media for sharing professional knowledge and taking an active role in educational reform efforts. The examples offered by these teacher bloggers paint a multi-faceted portrait of teacher leadership. At its core, teacher leadership is about the identity which is felt and then visibly worn by a teacher: I am a person who takes the initiative to make a positive difference in this world. Teacher leaders have agency. They know they are capable of changing the world and they take responsibility for doing so every day.

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